The Technology of Love and Healing

How to Use Light Codes

Any Light Code may be chosen to assist you by simply noticing how it makes you feel when you look at it. 
You may be drawn to its color and shape or you may be attracted to its purpose. Whatever method appeals to you is right for you.
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Light Codes are:
  • Created with Divine Love
  • Infused with Divine Light
  • Powered by Divine Breath

Light Codes can be used to produce a specific response, create a change, shift or energetic enhancement in the:

  • Physical body (human and animal)
  • Energy field
  • Home
  • Job
  • Property
  • Relationship
  • Situation
  • Drinking Water
  • Food
Since Light Codes are infused with Divine Energy they seek to evoke the highest response in each situation. At times you will notice a very subtle shift. Other times you will notice a seemingly majestic shift.
They are especially powerful when installed after removing negative energies in any energy field. The Emotion and Body Code processes developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson are very effective in removing negative and/or trapped energies.
When the negative energy has been removed, the Light Code infuses that space with higher vibrating energies which assist in allowing the body or situation to heal.
You cannot install Light Codes incorrectly. They are Divine conscious intelligent energy. They know their job and go to work instantly. Having pure, crystal clear intentions helps them activate fully.
Activate Awareness
Step by Step Instructions
  • Look at the Light Code you have chosen to install and “Breathe it in.”
  • Envision the Light and Energy streaming into you as you breathe in the Light Code.
  • Install the Light Code into your own energy field. Or, you can also send the energy to a loved one, animal companion, place or situation with each “out breath.”
  • For each installation, you may choose to say, “This Light Code is being installed with Divine Love, activated and anchored by the Breath of God.”
  • Light Codes may also be used as a point of focus during meditation by envisioning them.
  • Simply keeping the Light Code in your energy field, near your body; will also allow for its gentle integration and activation.
  • Multiple Light Codes may be installed one at a time.
  • Installing the “Repeat” Light Code will allow you to “program” a series of Light Codes to repeat as needed for any length of time within any field where it has been installed. (We typically install repeating Light Codes as needed for 28 days. You will intuit what is best for your situation.)

Light Codes are pure Divine Energy here to raise the vibrations of each sentient being and each situation. The energy then ripples out to bring Heaven on Earth.

Welcome to being an integral part of this Awakening. 

You are encouraged to experiment with the Light Codes personally. Install one as noted above, activate and anchor it then observe the results. 

As you begin noticing results, you will find more and more ways to implement them with positive results in your life and surroundings.

Below there is a list of Suggested Uses for situations and opportunities to install Light Codes. You will find other uses.

We look forward to hearing from you and the wonderful effects you observe.

Be prepared for Miracles!

Suggested Uses for Light Codes:

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Spiritual Health

Resolving Conflicts

Restoring Relationships

Detaching from Negative Influences

Clearing Homes and Properties

Seeing a Situation More Clearly

Hearing Another Perspective

Peaceful Restorative Sleep




Local Events

Global Events

EMF Protection

Healing Mother Earth

Releasing Trauma Energy

Restoring Vitality

Whatever the situation, there is a Light Code or group of Light Codes that will raise the energy so the Divine Blueprint can be realized. 

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