The Technology of Love and Healing


Feel Positive Movement & Clearing in 24 Hours

Debbie's Light Code have simply changed my life!  Not only do I love looking at them and using them but when Debbie helps myself or my animals when we are blocked, I can feel movement and clearing within 24 hrs.  I truly believe the Light Codes are a gift that help with complex problems people experience and thank goodness Debbie has been able to bring them to us all!

~  Soleil D.

Early Morning Irritability Lifted

I woke up this morning around 4:15AM, upset and irritable. I thought I was under attack and I was. I moved to the living room couch, started clearing attachments and a vision of circles, very bright and clear appeared. Debbie's website was the only thing that made sense for what I saw. Out of the 90 or so Light Codes, only one fit what I saw; "Engage Healing Team". I was only on this website once before and looked for a protection symbol, not this image. Once I cleared my boundaries and the Light Code appeared, all of my fretting was lifted. I did not have the Light Code in my possession, but I knew where it was. I ordered this and another medallion for protection this morning.

Healing Self and Animal Companions

My Animal & I Feel Totally Blessed By the Privilege to have met DEBBIE !!! She has Healed myself and our Pets Numerous Times!! The 818 Light Codes are soooo Amazing, you are drawn like magic to the Codes that are Beneficial to you & the conditions that need attention! If you have health, emotional issues or you just want to be your best, then I recommend you contact Debbie and have her Heal, TEACH and Communicate with your Animal companion! Her Loving Light Codes are something we should use everyday! I TOTALLY BELIEVE Debbie's loving Light Codes should be the number one tool anyone in the Healing Fields should have knowledge of. They just come to me at times, I (I believe by Debbie's Divine intuitive Gift) as I look at them & breath them in, I can feel an Immediate shift! Debbie I love and appreciate you and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn & love with you!
Thank You 4 all U do!

~ Charleen S.

Animals Love the 818 Light Codes

Animals love the 818 Light Codes. A good friend was taking care of Ozzie (pictured). It was day 12 of 14 days away from  his human family and he was sad and missing them. She installed a few 818 Light Codes in Ozzie and he immediately felt more relaxed, less stressed and happy. The photos were taken only a few minutes a part.

~ Paty M.

Cat with Upset Stomach and Lump on His Back

Thank you Debbie for your wonderful work with my beloved soul cat Dimitri! He was vomiting and had large sensitive Lump over his right kidney on back. The day after your energy work Dimitri has no lump. No sensitivity upon petting in that area! He is very perky today and moving easily. Thank you so much!!! Planning to do regular monthly session with all three of my 13-year old cat companions!

- Fay K.

Dog Finally Relaxes at Vet’s Office

The 818 Light Code session you performed on Shiloh worked like a miracle!  We got to the vet’s office and she was a little nervous at first, but 90% less than usual.  After a few minutes she calmed down altogether and relaxed.  We had to wait about 15 minutes to get called into the exam room, and she wagged her tail at the assistant and climbed the steps to get up on the exam table and gave the assistant a kiss.  She was perfectly fine.  When the vet came in she wagged her tail at her and let her pet her and was really good.

~ Toni S.

Healing Teeth

We went from me have 2 cavities and a needing a crown.

To ONE small cavity.


~ Fay K.

Son Discovers Road to Healing

Ever since that session you had with my son back in January, it was the exact thing he needed to help him on his road to healing and self-discovery. Although he still struggles, much has changed for him. He feels that it was that first session with you that helped him just enough with his anxiety and depression where he could align himself with finding his higher calling and purpose in life. Your session was the Kickstarter for him finding a path of self healing and self discovery.

~Allyson S.

Catalyst for a Breakthrough

I am looking forward to continuing with the Light Codes, as is Jen. We are texting back and forth to support each during this momentous change. Thank you again for supplying the tools to build our wings...the catalyst for us to break through and fly!

~  Devon R.

Use in Conjunction with Other Healing Modalities

The 818 Light Codes have become an essential aspect of my Emotion Code and Body Code clients' sessions and for me personally. Each one emits a loving frequency that Codes as a "Master's Touch" within individuals, animals, and environments.  These are powerful energetic tools that enhance all healing modalities. Thank you, Debbie, for your love and service to humanity and the animal kingdom!

~  Barbara H.

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