The Technology of Love and Healing

Arrival of the 818 Light Codes

The Healing Treatment of the Future is here today…

After a successful 20+ year IT career for a major corporation, Debbie Johnstone resigned in 2003 to become a full-time professional Intuitive Animal Communicator. This was a gift she had essentially ignored for many years. Now it was time for her to return to a calling that is pure joy for her, her clients and their animal companions.

Fast forward a few years…  

In 2007, Debbie began intuitively receiving simple black and white images. At the time, she had no idea that they even had a purpose other than to amuse her during her meditations.

A couple of years later, those simple images evolved into beautiful, colorful geometric shapes and patterns. As individual images arrived, she realized that each one had a specific purpose.

It became obvious to Debbie that the physical drawings represented templates of healing light, color, and energy.

Through research and experimentation, she and other healers learned that when specific Light Codes were installed into any energy field they gently and powerfully initiated a positive shift. 

That collection grew to more than 100 designs is now known as the 818 Light Codes.  

When Debbie began receiving the Light Codes, she also began seeing the numbers 818. These numbers represented the phrase “As Above, So Below” and “As in Heaven, so on Earth” to her.

The purpose of the Light Codes is to restore the higher energies of Heaven on Earth. This became the inspiration for the collection to be named the 818 Light Codes.

As you view the Light Codes, you will probably notice an energetic feeling in your body. Many times a Light Code will evoke a sense of Peace, Joy, Love and Well-Being.

A Light Code may be chosen to assist you by simply noticing how it makes you feel. You may be drawn to its color and shape or you may be attracted to its name and purpose.

Each Light Code is “Created” with DIVINE LOVE, “Infused” with DIVINE LIGHT and “Powered” by DIVINE BREATH.

Light Codes can be used to produce a specific response, create a change or shift in the physical body, home, job, property, relationship or situation. They can energetically charge and enhance drinking water and food in ways similar to what Masuru Emoto discovered.

You can read about the various experiences Debbie’s clients have observed by clicking here to go to the Testimonials page. 

Please feel free to share your Light Code Experiences by completing and submitting the form located in Share Your Light Code Experiences. Your name will remain anonymous, and your experience will assist others in understanding the many effective uses for the Light Codes.


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